The Corporation


Owned by the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan Secretariat Inc., the SaskMetis Economic Development Corporation is an Aboriginal Capital Corporation that finances the start-up, acquisition and expansion of Métis- controlled small businesses in Saskatchewan.

SMEDCO offers a variety of programs for Metis business including:

  • • Loans
  • • Métis Assistance Program (MAP)

In order to be eligible for consideration of SMEDCO services, an applicant must be an individual of Métis ancestry and hold a valid membership card with the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan, or a corporation or other approved entity, controlled or owned by Métis people holding a membership with the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan. Depending on the type of service requested, other criteria may also apply.


To view the SMEDCO Programs and Activity Report please click the following link

SMEDCO Programs and Activity Report

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