Métis Assistance Program (MAP)

SMEDCO’s financial services are extended and delivered on the basis of prudent and sound business principles and practices so as to protect the integrity of its capital base and to ensure the continued delivery of its services. As resources are limited, the MAP is often used to lever financial assistance from other public and private sources:

Métis Assistance Program (MAP)

is a grant program that provides assistance for the start-up or the expansion of small businesses and community business enterprises;
contributions cannot exceed $99,999 for entrepreneurs. The maximum contribution for a Métis community business enterprise is $250,000.


    • •The project must be viable and able to repay debt and provide a reasonable income to the owner;
    • •The project must be Métis owned or controlled;
    • •Eligible costs include: capital, shares, assets, operating, marketing, business planning, business innovation/growth and costs of engaging consultants and other qualified professionals;
    • •Business activities in-eligible for support include: direct alcohol production, marketing, distribution or sales,tobacco production, marketing, distribution or sales, games of chance operations, casinos, bingo halls, small scale gaming operations, etc., sexually exploitative, materials, services, products, marketing, distribution and sales, including any web-based activities,pawn shops, cheque cashers, finance companies and others, making small, short-term, high interest rate loans that go by a variety of names: payday loans, cash advance loans, cheque advance loans, post-dated cheque loans or deferred deposit cheque loans, and passive investments (real estate) or any other activity where the applicant is not fully involved.
    • •any purchases made before approval are ineligible.

Equity requirements
the minimum requirement for an applicant’s equity contribution is 10 percent or higher. The MAP can cover up to 40 percent of eligible business project costs and has a maximum limit of $99,999 for Métis proprietorships and Métis corporations and a maximum of $250,000 for Métis Community owned/directed Business Enterprises.


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